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Collections Resolution

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Pursuant to Article VII, Section7.7(c) of the Bylaws, a late payment fee will be levied against any assessments account which is not paid in full as of the tenth day after the assessment became due. The late payment fee is 10% of a unit's monthly assessment per month and accrues interest at a rate of 18% interest per annum
(calculated on a monthly basis) until paid.

Electronic Notification Resolution

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Examples of notifications that will be transmitted electronically include, but are not limited to: meeting notices, year-end financials, ballots, and audit results.

Leasing  Resolution

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The Unit Owner is required to submit the following docwnentation within 15 days of entering into a Lease/Rental Agreement: Tenant Information Form, New Owner Contact Sheet, Signed Acknowledgement of review of the Governing Documents by tenant, signed Acknowledgement by Unit Owner that lease is in writing, .is for a period ofno less than 30 days, and states that it is subject to the governing documents (with a default by the tenant in complying with the governing documents constituting a default under the lease agreement)

Maintenance Responsibility Resolution

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In the event the need for maintenance or repair of items identified on ATTACHMENT A as Association responsibility is caused through the willful or negligent acts of Owners, or through the willful or negligent acts of the family, guests, tenants, or invitees of that Owner, the cost of such maintenance or repairs shall be added to and become part of the assessment to which that Unit is subject.

Parking Resolution

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The Board deems it necessary to enforce that commercial, recreational, inoperative or abandoned vehicles may not be left on the property.

Towing Resolution

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Violation of any parking rules may now result in towing.

Rule Enforcement Resolution

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Defines the order in which fines and warnings are distriuted for violations.


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