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COA Approved Products

Be sure to submit an ARC form to Management for Board approval PRIOR to beginning any installation.


Your Sunshine Creek Management Team.

All approvals shall be subject to the following conditions:

  1. All work must be completed by the licensed and bonded contractor that you identified on your ARC application.

  2. All materials and specifications must be as identified on the ARC application and on the proposal submitted with the ARC application.

  3. Contractors are not allowed to run condensation drains or any other materials through any foundation vents.

  4. All upper units must have the rubber bumpers installed underneath the condenser pad to further minimize vibration.

  5. Any penetration through the siding must be adequately sealed and insulated to be water-tight from the exterior and energy efficient from the interior.

  6.  All conduits that conceal line sets or drains shall be painted, at the Owner's cost, to match the same color of the siding(color codes can be found at

  7. All drain tubes that run down along the siding must be painted, at the Owner's cost, the same color to match the siding.

  8. The Owner assumes the liability and cost of removing and replacing the condenser unit and pad at an such future time(or times) that the Association deems necessary to re-coat or repair the balcony decks.

  9. The Owner assumes all future liability and costs for any damages that may be deemed to have been caused by the installation of the mini-split unit and/or its accessories.

MHW IMG Heatpump.png

Daikin or Mitsubishi*
Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

Recommended Vendors:
A Action Heating & Cooling**   503-649-3524
The Heat Pump Store**   503-253-4084

**Other brands may be approved at the Board's discretion.
**Other vendors may be approved at the Board's discretion.

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